The Best Gourmet Italian Ices In America

From stickball on the street to sitting on the stoop, out of all the memories, the one treat, the "treat of all treats", the taste that made summer what it was, in all it's sweet goodness was Italian Ices.

Feel Like a Kid Again!

That's the feeling we  share, along with my Homemade Gourmet Italian Ices & Ice Cream. Enjoy our home crafted recipes, we've been sharing for 40 years!

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Ices Bursting With Fresh Fruit Flavor
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Try our Delicious Italian Ices and Ice Cream!

Gourmet Italian Ices

Visit a store for a free taste, and Feel Like A Kid Again

Delicious Ice Cream

Our Ice Cream is made with Real Milk, Cream and Skim Milk for a smooth velvety texture.

Ice Cream Cakes

Enjoy a delicious Custom Ice Cream cake for any occasion made exactly the way you like it.

Milk Shakes & Smoothies

The thickest, creamiest,  most delicious milkshakes and smoothies in NYC.

Waffle Bowl Sundae

Scrumptious Waffle Bowl sundaes. You can eat everything but the Spoon

Ice Coffee & Slushies

Satisfying Iced Coffee and Slushies for those on the go

Brownie Sundae

Dig into one of our rich Brownie Sundaes. Two desserts in one

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The Best Gourmet Italian Ices & Ice Cream in America.

Uncle Louie G’s Italian Ices and Ice Cream are so Good, They’ll Make You Feel Like A Kid Again. The best things in life taste great. Especially our Ices and Ice Cream.

Why everyone loves us

We strictly follow proven recipes, with the excellence of Uncle Louie G Homemade Gourmet Italian Ices that are consistently maintained.


Think back to 1959, in Brooklyn, New York. Close your eyes for just a minute and imagine yourself in the old neighborhood. It is summertime and the temperatures are soaring. Read More


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Waiting For My First Italian Ice

I can’t wait for my First Uncle Louie G Italian Ice. They are the best!

Summer Fun

The best part of summer is enjoying delicious Ice-Cream every day.

Amazing Flavors

Uncle Louie G has over 70 flavors of Ices and Ice Cream.  Something for everyone. NYPD Blue, Crazy Mango, Wild Cherry and so much more.

Impress Your Date

For a fun and casual date try Uncle Louie G. You can never go wrong with Italian Ices. For a date that’s fun and easy on the wallet, Uncle Louie G, Ices are perfect.

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Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am a grown up.  I love being silly, playing games, and making a mess. Maybe I do it my adult-like way, but it is fun
Jane Smith

We all know I love Fall.  We all know I love apples.  After five years of writing the Scoop Adventures blog, I feel like sometimes I am just repeating myself.
Judy Adams

One of my favorite parts of an ice cream sundae is the contrast of hot and cold.  Almost always I like to add some sort of warm sauce or compote on top of

Mike Smith

As soon as the weather began to turn cool, I began craving smores.  I am not a big fan of plain old marshmallows, but when they are toasted to golden brown
Nick Carter

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