Fantastic Franchise Opportunities in Florida

Warm weather and ices are a match made in Heaven, and what better place to enjoy a refreshing ice by the beach than Florida? With the help of our brand new warehouse, Franchise Opportunities are now available in Florida.

We already have multiple franchise locations in Florida, but there are plenty of opportunities for more.

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Uncle Louie G Florida Franchises

We are pleased to announce that as of January 2019, we have full-time people and more importantly, a significant “frozen” and “refrigerated” warehouse in Florida! But don’t worry…all of our Italian ice and ice cream products continue to be made in New York City, with genuine New York water*, just as Louie G did in Brooklyn sixty years ago! We ship to Florida our ices, ice cream, and even cones, which we store in our new warehouse until you call for a delivery, which we immediately get to your store in our refrigerated truck!

* New York City drinking water is world-renowned for its quality. Each day, more than 1 billion gallons of fresh, clean water is delivered from large upstate reservoirs—some more than 125 miles from the City—to the taps of nine million customers throughout New York state.

The Best Italian Ices & Gourmet Ice Cream in America

An Uncle Louie G franchise represents a unique opportunity in a fast-growing industry. The Italian Ices Industry, though small, is growing rapidly, as a result of the delicious taste and the pureness of a dairy-free, fat-free, lactose-free product. We also have cream ices as well as ice cream!

Uncle Louie G will be the leading provider of gourmet quality desserts and snack items, worldwide. Just as Uncle Louie G products are known for quality, Uncle Louie G, Inc. is known for professionalism and profitability. From the founders to our strategic partners, affiliates, and vendors, to the cashier who rings the register, Uncle Louie G is a valued and accountable member of our expanding family. Together we will accomplish our mission, attain our goals, and of course, most important of all, have some fun along the way!

The Uncle Louie G Brand

Our brand is built on Old School values of providing quality products and excellent service. opening a franchise with us is a manageable investment that is sure to taste sweet. Our gourmet Italian Ice & Ice Cream has been featured nationally, via Shark Tank, Newsday, Good Day New York, the View, Fox 5, and more.

Uncle Louie G On ABC's Shark Tank

What Makes Uncle Louie G Special


As Americans are aging and watching their fat and dairy consumption, our product fits those needs.


Recipes for true Italian ices have been passed down from generation to generation, often by immigrants to the New York area. It’s no surprise that 2 of 3 of the largest companies are based in the New York area. The others are located in nearby Pennsylvania. And of the three, only our products are still made with genuine New York City water!


Investment is low. Our ideal footprint is less than 1000 square feet. No preparation is involved. If you can make a milkshake, that’s about it. If you can’t, we’ll teach you!


Margins on our 2 1/2 gallon tubs are very profitable.


No royalties! We don’t want to know your numbers! You don’t report to us. You’re your own boss. It’s capitalism at its best!


Even in cold weather areas, we have 50 stores. Most close for a few months in the winter, and yet still make an adequate return on the less than $100,000 investment. In Florida, where store growth has tripled over the past two years, it’s a 12-month season.


You only need to manage a few employees, and we’ll teach you that!


Particularly in warm weather states where outdoor events take place daily, our trailer product is unique. For a modest price, we can get you in business for all types of events!

Royalties and Other Fees

Uncle Louie G understands that the key to success for any franchise is to keep expenses low and profits high. Because of this, we do not charge Royalty, Renewal, or Brand Development fees. Additionally, we only charge a one-time $1,000 fee for local advertising, which helps grow your public outreach.

Financial Information

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New Franchise FAQ

Why choose Uncle Louie G's?

Operating an Uncle Louie G Franchise gives you access to turnkey support and a proven business model that may be hard to find on your own. Being part of a Name Brand provides brand recognition that will draw in more customers and lead to your success.

Is Owning an Uncle Louie G a Good Business Opportunity for me?

An Uncle Louie G Franchise Agreement is an effective personal and business strategy to help you achieve your dreams and ambitions. With a quick turnaround time and low startup costs, it’s easy to get your journey started. During your evaluation of your business opportunity, you will be asked to examine if Uncle Louie G can help you achieve your short and long-term goals and objectives.

We enlighten and educate each candidate so they can make an informed business decision about Uncle Louie G based on our Mission, Core Values, and Brand Strategy.

What is the turn-around time to open an Uncle Louie G Dipping Store?

It normally takes from 3-8 weeks to identify a site, negotiate a lease, obtain the necessary permits, build out the site to specifications, and complete all other steps to prepare your Dipping Store for opening day. This will vary depending on the condition of the space upon possession, the availability of labor, equipment, and materials, the availability of good sites in your market, and other market conditions.

How many square feet are required for an Uncle Louie G Dipping Store?

This is dependent on the configuration of your store. We have successful stores operating standard size 800 x 2000 square feet and express size at 3-4000 square feet.

What kind of support will I receive after I sign the agreement?

You will have ongoing access to our expertise and materials in the areas of business development & administration, site selection & store leasing, construction, purchasing, training, store operations, quality control, promotions, and market research and development.

Florida Franchise Agreement

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